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Girls Teen Clothing

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Girls Teen News

New tastes, nimble fashion rivals squeeze top teen chains

August 22 2013 Chicao Tribune - Abercrombie & Fitch Co , Aeropostale Inc and American Eagle Outfitters Inc have fallen out of fashion with fickle U.S. teen shoppers and aren't likely to win back their business anytime soon.

The retailers, known as the "3As," have long been popular for their cool basics like jeans, hoodies and t-shirts. But young shoppers are now less interested in their logo-centric clothes and more eager to shop for electronics or go to low-cost, fast-fashion chains like Zara, Forever 21 and H&M that offer greater variety more quickly.

Selena Gomez reveals Kmart line Selena Gomez looks cute and flirty in a behind-the-scenes look at her latest Kmart range. The former Disney Channel star has collaborated with the store on a line of clothing. In pictures exclusive to Teen Vogue, the singer-and-actress shows off her ...

Teen Choice Awards Fashion 

August 12 2013 LA Times - Stars dressed to look older or younger at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards on Sunday, Los Angeles Times fashion critic Booth Moore says. Here is a look at what some of them wore.

Teen Choice Awards: Fashion winners and losers

August 12 2013 LA Times - When it comes to dressing up in Hollywood, the Teen Choice Awards ceremony, held Sunday night at Universal City, is a strange beast.

If you're a star older than the show's Clearasil demographic, you want to look young and hip. If you are a star close to that demo, like every teenager, you want to look 30. Or even 40.

Teen Choice Awards Red Carpet

August 12 2013 - New York Times - The Teen Choice Awards took place Sunday night in Los Angeles, and the red carpet was plentiful with stars, including Miley Cyrus in a racy outfit.

Kendall And Kylie Jenner Talk New Fashion Line, Secret Tumblr Blogs And Crazy Paparazzi

August 7 2013 Huffington Post - When we walked into their suite at the Soho Grand Hotel in New York City, Kendall and Kylie Jenner -- both dressed in head-to-toe black -- were looking chic, sitting cross-legged on a couch while immersed in their smart phones.

If you didn't know the two teens were famous, you probably would still be struck by how self-assured and fashionable they seem. But the girls have proven themselves to be much more than just style-savvy -- they're budding businesswomen. From starring on a reality TV show with their family to launching their own PacSun line to co-authoring a new book, Kendall and Kylie are up to their knees in new projects.

PBteen Teams Up With Emily Current And Meritt Elliott For New Fall Line 

Fashion meets decor once again stylists Emily Current and Meritt Elliott formerly of Current/Elliott have created a home line for PBteen. 

Rainy start to day one of Lollapalooza 

August 3, 2013 LA Times - Lollapalooza opened in Grant Park on Friday to -- what else? -- rain and a soggy turf that required wood chips to be imported and portions of Hutchinson Field to be roped off. Inclement weather is now a regular visitor at this festival, especially after a major storm prompted a brief evacuation last year 

Teens Coming of Age With Adults Who Haven't 'The Way, Way Back'

New York Times July 2013 - The movie's title seems to refer to the rear-facing third seat of the massive old station wagon where we first encounter its hero, a glum 14-year-old boy named Duncan (Liam James). But it also describes a hazy, bittersweet mood of recollection that hovers around the action like July humidity. 

'Teen Beach Movie' is a blast from the fashion past 

LA Times July 2013 - "Teen Beach Movie" -- the television film Disney hopes will be the next "High School Musical" -- is set to premiere Friday night, and if nothing else it's going to give us a blast from the fashion past

WATCH: The new trailer for 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' 

LA Times ... Jennifer Lawrence returns as "girl on fire" Katniss Everdeen, winner of the teen death match in last year's inaugural ... second half, viewers are introduced to the girl on fire's new competition, including ... 

'The Spectacular Now' and other films coming of (a new) age 

LA Times ..."The Spectacular Now" is one of several coming-of-age movies this summer made by directors inspired by filmmakers of the 1980s — Crowe, John Hughes, Rob Reiner and Steven Spielberg — who hope to make similar connections to today's teens and young adults.

China's big debate over 'Tiny Times' film 

LA Times - ... Tiny Times" tells the story of four fashionable college girls in Shanghai and is perhaps best described as "The Devil Wears ... luxuriant gown covered with lice.'" Guo and his legions of teen and twentysomething fans have hit back, saying critics are ...

Best High-School Pictures Ever 

Wall Street Journal - More Parents Splurge on Fancy Photo Shoots of Teens, the Last Chance for a Baby Picture of the Class of 2013. Britain Powers, a 17-year-old high-school senior, stepped in front of the camera as her entourage looked on. Leila Soto, a professional hair stylist and makeup artist.....

Famous mom shares advice with troubled teens

Houston Chronicle - And she regularly dispenses motherly advice to her nearly 2.4 million Twitter followers, many of them teen and tween girls who adore her son. They use Twitter to tell Mallette their troubles and ask for her counsel, 140 characters at a time. Some of ... 

Johnny Depp talks playing Barbies, hanging with One Direction 

LA Times - Johnny Depp talks playing Barbies, hanging with One Direction. The Barbie-playing chat provided a nice segue for Kimmel, who asked about a photo tweeted by Depp's teenage daughter, Lily-Rose, featuring the actor -- whose musical taste runs more to the Rolling Stones and Iggy Pop -- posing with the boy band One Direction.

Teen hopes to change the world one girl at a time

Your Houston News - But unlike most of her peers, she spends much of her time trying to change the way young girls view themselves and the world they live in. About a year ago, Galley launched Girls Above Society, a nonprofit organization that provides mentorship to tween and teen girls.....

"Girls' Just Wanna Have Funds" A Week of Fun and Money at the 2013 Financial

Wall Street Journal - WASHINGTON, July 9, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Teen and tween girls from the DC metro area will join an array of money experts to kick-off the 2013 Financial Literacy Organization for Women and Girls Financial Boot Camp for Girls, Monday, July 8 ... 

Prom Night: How to Avoid Breaking the Bank - Video

Wall Street Journal  - Prom season is descending on high schools across the U.S., and a new study reveals families are spending more on their teen's big night than ever before. Lindsay Gellman joins The News Hub with a look at how to send your teen to prom without breaking the bank.

Deluxe Teen Hangouts 

Wall Street Journal - To keep their teens and tweens hanging out at home, some parents create 'teen lounges' equipped with karaoke rooms, arcade games and 'Harry Potter'-inspired passageways. As parents struggle to lure their kids away from their smartphone and computer screens—and look for creative ways to keep older teens hanging out at home—there is a new category of spaces showing up in family homes: teen lounges, hangout areas, sleepover spaces and 'offices' for doing homework........

What's a 'Camel Hump'? High-Rise Dubai Hairdos Turn Heads 

Wall Street Journal - Dubai - Whether Teen Spirit or Veiled Threat, This Hairstyle Rules in Ritzy Malls in the Gulf State. For young women in the oil-rich Gulf these days, teenage rebellion can take the form of a "camel hump." n public, Muslim women of the Gulf region commonly wear a long black cloak, known as an abaya, and a black veil or shayla covering most of their hair.....